Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the closest locksmith to me?

It can be confusing and downright annoying losing a key, damaging a lock, or breaking it in the keyhole or ignition. However, getting angry will not solve the problem, and fiddling with the key or lock will cost you more. So you should just dial Leader Local Locksmith when such cases happen. Our services are quick, affordable, and efficient. Remember your local locksmith should not break the bank; choose wisely. Remember, save your local locksmith number on your phone because key and lock issues can happen at any time. We are always here to help. Dial the toll-free number right now at (877)-595-5881, and we will have one of our professional locksmiths meet you anywhere as quick as possible.

Should I rekey or change the locks of my house?

If the locks are still in good shape (which must be verified by a qualified locksmith), then there is no need to change your locks. Rekeying means the lock pins configuration is redone, and a new key is cut to fit it. It also means anyone with the previous key will not gain access to your home again. When you request a lock change, it means the old locks are compromised, you just moved, or it is worn out. Changing locks is more expensive than rekeying. However, if security is a challenge, then changing locks is the best option for you.

What do I do if my house locks have been compromised?

While looking for a reliable locksmith is an option, it is not the first thing to do. In the event of such as incident, follow the steps below: Was the door open (did the burglar gain access into the home)? If yes, call the nearest police station and report the incident. If you have a kid or elderly living with you, take them to a safer place while the police do their job. When the police are done, call the Leader Local Locksmith service at (925) 378-3959 to change the locks, rekey them if they are solid, or install some high-security locks on them.

How do I know if the locksmith is verified and trustworthy?

All locksmiths are registered with the Associated Locksmith of American and also in their region practice. You can also enter their business name into the Better Business Bureau. If they are legit, it will display detailed information about their business and status. Check their website on Google and read through reviews, be mindful of their established date. The longer they have been in service, the more customers they have and vice versa. So if the company says 60 years and has only 200 reviews, something is wrong. Finally, ask the technician on your property to display a valid ID before working. Leader Local Locksmith is fully registered, insured, and bonded.

Can you make a key that works with all the locks in my house or office?

Yes, why not, but it is kind of risky too. Having a single key that opens and closes all the locks in your house can jeopardize your security and the safety of your family. Furthermore, should the key get lost, missing, or stolen, your personal possessions are exposed. However, if you are safe and think it is better, use a credible local locksmith service. Leader Local Locksmith will cut a single key that will function for all locks. We will also make a duplicate just in case you get it missing again. If you use a manually key-operated car, we can design one key that opens and switches on the ignition so that you carry fewer keys.

How much do you charge for your locksmithing service?

There s a fixed price, but certain factors can alter the cost, including distance, damage extent, or type of lock and services required. For example, if you call us for a rekey but the lock is worn-out and damaged, this is an extra cost that will change the initial offering. So if you are calling us, we will first take a look at the job before settling for a price. Do not worry; our locksmith service is affordable

When replacing my locks with high-security locks, can my previous key still function with it?

Locks are configurations, and a reliable and well-trained locksmith can re-configure the pins. However, we do not advise you to use your old keys for high-security locks. They come complete with their keys and are different from regular locks. If you do not have the financial capacity to replace all your locks with high-security locks, it is better to charge the front door, back door, or any other entrance and exit door first.

How to choose a reliable locksmith?

Like any other profession, there are quacks among the locksmith community, and residents should be careful. When seeking the services of a locksmith, the following should be fundamentals. The locksmith must be reputable and trustworthy but also have a clean criminal background. The latter part is crucial because they are dealing with your prized possessions and loved ones. If they have a website, check out their registrations and other legalities, including the association and locksmith body they belong to. Finally, ask people that have used their services, as they will tell it as it is, no lies. Call (925) 378-3959 to speak to a locksmith from Leader Local Locksmith now.

Why should I choose a local locksmith?

Well, because you know them and can quickly confront them if the job is not satisfactorily done. After all, no local craftsman, including a locksmith would jeopardize their reputation and sales by doing a quack job. A local locksmith provides affordable service, unlike locksmiths that come from outside your city. Additionally, they understand the terrain and can reach you faster than a locksmith from another community.

Can you access my home without destroying the lock in a lockout?

We always seek the non-destructive process when dealing with locks, except if the lock is worn-out, old, and not secure for the house or office. At Leader Local Locksmith, we use modern and old tricks to pick the locks or loosen them from the door frame to fix them. Additionally, if your key was misplaced or lost, we can also create another for you while changing the configurations of the locks.